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Practical Pistol CCW Course July 19th (FRIDAY)

Practical Pistol CCW Course July 19th (FRIDAY)

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Our Practical Pistol CCW Course is meticulously designed for current and aspiring concealed carry weapon (CCW) holders who wish to significantly enhance their shooting skills, situational awareness, and understanding of real-world self-defense scenarios. This course goes beyond basic handgun safety and operation, delving deeply into the advanced techniques and critical decision-making skills necessary for effective CCW use.

Hours: 8:30am - 2:30pm 

Location: Burro Canyon Shooting Park, Azusa CA

Course Overview:

The course kicks off with an intensive two-hour segment focused on building a solid foundation in firearm manipulation and shooting fundamentals. This initial phase is crucial for both novices and experienced shooters alike, as it emphasizes the importance of:

- Fundamental Sight Picture: Mastery of aligning the sight with the target for accurate shooting.

- Trigger Control: Techniques to fire the handgun without disturbing its alignment with the target.

- Grip Placement: Understanding how a proper grip enhances control over the firearm during firing sequences.

- Stance: The optimal body positioning for stability and mobility.

- Drawing: Efficient and safe methods to draw the firearm from concealment.

- Timed Repetitions: Practice sessions designed to improve speed and accuracy under pressure.

Our instructors are former Weapons Training Unit instructors from a large Los Angeles law enforcement agency, bringing years of real-world experience and teaching expertise to the classroom.

Course Progression:

As the course progresses, participants will be challenged with various drills and scenarios that mirror real-life situations. Each drill is designed to refine the shooter's responsiveness, precision, and decision-making under stress. Key components include:

- Speed Drills: Utilizing a shot timer, these drills start from the low combat-ready position, focusing on quick, accurate shots under time pressure.

- **Approximate Round Counts:** While the exact number of rounds may vary based on the shooter's abilities, each drill is structured to provide ample practice without excessive ammunition expenditure.

- End of Day Drill: A modified version of the accelerated heart rate drill, this challenging exercise tests the shooter's ability to maintain accuracy and decision-making under physical stress.

Customized Learning Experience:

Acknowledging the varied skill levels and learning paces of our students, the course is designed with flexibility in mind. Start/end times and round counts are approximate, allowing instructors to tailor the training to best suit the group’s overall proficiency and stamina. This approach ensures that every participant, regardless of their starting skill level, receives the attention and guidance needed to improve.

Course Objective:

Our goal is not just to enhance the technical skills of CCW holders but also to instill a deep sense of responsibility, situational awareness, and ethical decision-making. Upon completion, participants will not only be more proficient with their firearms but also more confident in their ability to carry and use them responsibly in self-defense situations.

Engaging and Enjoyable Learning:

While the course is intensive and challenging, it is also designed to be engaging and enjoyable. Participants who have previously enjoyed our basic CCW class will find this course to be a rewarding step up, offering both fun and functional drills that elevate their shooting and tactical skills to the next level.

Join us for this comprehensive Practical Pistol CCW Course and take the next step in your journey towards becoming a more skilled, responsible, and confident CCW holder.

Please bring the following:

- A Handgun, bring additional gun and equipment as desired

- A Quality Holster (Email us if needed)

- Magazines (3 preferred, email if needed)

- Approximately 400 rounds of ammunition (BRASS ONLY)

- Ear & Eye Protection (Email us if needed)

- Closed toe shoes

- Water/Lunch

- Cash or Card if interested in purchasing any products


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